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Why Choose Us?

We offer an exclusive and private facility. As a freestanding building with a private gated back entrance and controlled access, our client’s privacy is always maintained. We are amongst the elite few production studios in Atlanta who consistently strive to offer a beautiful and refreshing environment for our clients and staff.


Our studio is equipped with high speed internet services. This is perfect for live streaming. 

Office Space:

We have 12 different production offices offering a diverse range of accommodations to large crews. You can also convert any office space into filming locations or additional holding areas for cast and crew.


Our parking lot accommodates up to 75 cars. We also have a secured back lot with additional parking spaces for tractor trailers, grip trucks, large generators, etc. If additional overflow parking is needed, we can facilitate securing this for our clients as well.

Loading Docks:


We have three large dock doors. Dock 1 is convenient for straight trucks and tractor-trailers, while the drive-in Dock 2 is ideal for handling large equipment, large-scale set pieces, and vehicles. Dock 3 is a drive-in. Clients have access to all 3 dock doors offering a seamless and time efficient load-in and load-out.

If you have been looking for an ideal movie studio for rent in Georia for your film production, 4 Corner Studios is your best bet.

Need equipment rental?

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Choosing the proper lighting for production is quite challenging and possibly the most impactful aspect of filmmaking. As one of the preferred Atlanta film studios, we partner with the most prominent lighting and grip gear suppliers in the state.  Our movie studio in Atlanta feature lighting grids of various sizes. 


With our vast inventory of lighting, our movie studio can provide the perfect lighting source needed for your production.



4 Corner Studios offers onsite video equipment rentals to include some of the industry’s best cameras, switchers, and video gear. Additionally, we have strong relationships with some of the most renowned video equipment vendors in Georgia that supply ARRI, Phantom, Sony, Red, and Canon cameras.


We can coordinate securing additional equipment on your behalf. As a one-stop shop, you can also hire our experienced technical support and service team for assistance on your project.

Image by Paolo Chiabrando


We have a variety of wardrobes, vintage furniture and equipment.  Be sure to ask about our prop money.

Why Georgia? 

Georgia is a leading destination for filming in the world. According to the Georgia Film Office, as of 2021 at least 366 productions were filmed in the state of Georgia. Our mild weather, access to the busiest international airport in the world, and thousands of on location options, Georgia is the perfect backdrop for any film, movie, or television production.

Tax Credit

Any company that spends $500,000 or more on production and post-production in Georgia (single or multiple projects) gets a 20 percent tax credit as per Georgia’s Entertainment Industry Investment Act. The state of Georgia grants an additional 10 percent tax credit if the finished project includes a promotional logo provided by the state. If a company as little or no Georgia tax liability, it can transfer or sell its tax credit.


Film Permits

It’s easy to get a film permit in Georgia! This is done on the municipal level. Reach out to the film office of the specific county where you want to film, and they will provide you with the permit application and requirements.


Georgia is home to some of the most beautiful and scenic locations. Check out Piedmont Park, The Beltline, Chastain Park, Grant Park, Krog Street Market, The Goat Farm, Wheat Street Towers, Six Flags Park, Centennial Park, the Historic West End, and the Atlanta University Center.

Camera-Ready Community

The Georgia Film Office has established a camera-ready community program where each Georgia county is provided with a local liaison for assisting producers and location managers. The camera-ready liaisons help companies find local lodging options, assist with the permitting process, identify filming locations, and more.

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