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Covid-19 Protocol 

Woman with Protective Mask

As one of the responsible Georgia film studios, we strictly follow all Covid-19 safety protocols ensuring full-scale safety to our clients, crews, and staff members. Our best practices include enforcing social distancing, administering temperature checks, and limiting facility access to only authorized production crew and cast members only. We also have a designated Film Production Health & Safety team to monitor our production and ensure all protocols are followed.

We encourage all production crews to:

  • Wear masks when not shooting

  • Use advanced camera techniques so that actors appear closer together

  • Reduce background performers, if possible

  • Scout locations and do virtual casting (if possible) 

  • To only share equipment with authorized production members

  • Avoid public or shared transportation

  • Discourage touch-ups or make up for background performers whenever possible

  • Limit transportation in vans to maximum two passengers


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