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4 Corner Studios is a television, film and commercial production studio designed for producers worldwide who are passionate about creating top quality content that inspires the world. 

 We are located in the beautiful city of Chamblee, GA.  4 Corner Studios is just north of downtown Atlanta and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.  We are just minutes from fine and causal dining, hotels and entertainment options for the cast and crew.  Planted in the heart of several rural and industrial areas, makes location scouting easier than ever before.

4 Corner Studios is proud to serve the growing Georgia film community by delivering an unmatched experience to all cast and crew that utilize our facility. 

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North Stage

Our North sound stage is designed for television and film productions seeking an environment that can be completely controlled. This “ready to shoot” stage is comprised of 4 unique sets (kitchen, living room, bedroom and a bar), which can be modified and or flipped based on the script and concept of the production.   Accommodating features:


Stage Dimensions : 27’ x 66’

Set wall height: 10’

Lighting Grid: 30’ x 66’

Ceiling Height to grid: 18’


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West Stage

Our West sound stage is tailored for productions looking to build a set according to the script specifications. The large area of open space works great for large sets, millworks and props.

Accommodating features:


Stage Dimensions : 51’ x 71’

Lighting Grid: 25’ x 42’

Ceiling Height to grid: 18’


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East Stage

The East Stage sound is ideal for TV and Film productions needing a hospital, visitation center, or cafeteria. Film crews have also used this space as a master console room, interview room, craft services, as well as an holding area. 

Accommodating features:


Stage Dimensions : 21’ x 39’

Ceiling Height: 9 ’



South Stage

The South sound stage is appealing for commercials, documentaries, television interviews, and music videos. This stage has a lot of versatility if green screen is the application. Our large cyclorama wall (cyc wall) can be utilized multiple ways to coincide with your production.

Accommodating features:


Stage Dimensions : 25’ x 50 ’

Green Screen: 25’ x 25’ x 18’

White Cyc: 25’ x 25’ x 18’

Combined Wall: 25’ x 25’ 18’

Lighting Grid: 26’ x 50’

Ceiling Height to grid: 18’




What People Say



Ron and his team were absolutely fabulous. Always friendly and eager to help. We had very specific schedules and often had to work until midnight. This was never a problem for the team  and they were always super professional. Would recommend to anyone in Atlanta that needs studios space.

Liesa, Brand Manage



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